About us

·        Europe Neon Co. was found in 1977 in Damascus , and it's one of the leading manufacturers of advertising industry.

·        Main Goal: Promote advertising industry through superior quality and exceptional customer service.

·        During the last 25years, we have realized that the crucial role of advertising through the market changes and through improving the commercial relationships between all the economical activities by presenting clues to customer through advertising.

·        Europe Neon Manufacturing facilities utilizes the latest technology to produce the highest quality, expert and knowledge personnel, superior customer service and follow up, and fast on time delivery.

·        Manufacturing Categories

1.      Out doors advertising industry

§         Road signs industry.

§         Roof Billboard industry.

§         Neon Signs.

§         Guidance Signs.

§         Flex face wallboards, supper scale
banners and storefront signs

§         Letters manufacturing

§         Vehicle lettering and photographing

§         Raw materials

2.      In doors advertising industry

§         Indoor advertising signs for companies ,fairs , and stands

§         Guidance signs for companies, hotels, and hospitals.

§         Promotional items manufacturing

3.      Out doors advertising industry

Router Cam-TEC has added a new line to our products which is engraving boards (Wood ,Plexi, Aluminum ,Foam, Corian, Cooper) with the size 259x132 cm.

4.      Warranty

Our company offers the entire guarantees and all periodical Maintenance of it's work after delivery and installation process.

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